Fiance cheated on me with my friend while I was in same room

by Zach
(Michigan )

So me and my gf have been dating for three years and have a two year old daughter and we have been engaged for 5 months. Well one Saturday, we decided to go hangout with friends at their house and drink a little and stay the night . We all drank and hangout that night and happy to see my friend Chris that came back from the marines.

When we all started to go to bed, I had sex with my girlfriend on the pullout couch we were sleeping on and we finished and I was uncomfortable on the couch and didn't wanna sleep there. And I decided to sleep on the floor . Well my friend Chris had no where to sleep so he asked if he could sleep next to my gf and I was like yeah man no problem. I didn't think anything of it cause I trusted both of them.

Well I went to sleep and woke up in the morning, we all had breakfast and me and my gf went home on Sunday to pick our kid up and relax. I asked her if it was weird that he slept next to her. she said he kept rolling in his sleep and accidently spooning her. And I was like that funny w.e. well a week goes by and we decide to go back there again.

Long story short we went to bed this time I slept on the shitty couch cause all week something was bothering me. She was about to go to sleep and Chris was in the other room far from us this time. And I asked her why has she been looking at him weird all week . And she started crying and I took her outside and she told me they had sex when I was sleeping. I left at 4 in the morning. Chris felt so bad he wanted me to punch him I said its not worth it. He left and I did too. My gf wanted me to stay. But I left.

To go home I was a wreck. We talked the next day and she said she was sleeping and he started playing with her nipples and she liked it. And started touching her and kissing her. She was a lil drunk but then they had sex and it lasted a few min and she pushed him off and cried all night but still stayed in the bed after it happened.

Then a week goes by. I was like ok she did say she didn't want to do it and it sucked. Well another week goes by I found out she texted her ex and said I had a small **** and she wasn't unhappy with me just the sex. And he said I never had that problem and she goes. Haha I know. Thank she admitted to her ex that she cheated on me and she felt like shit . But she also said she thought Chris the guy she cheated on me with was Hot and good in bed.

After she told me it all sucked. I didn't know what to say I was so heart-broken I took the engagement ring away . Blah blah, well she kept lying saying she regretted so bad after she cheated on me that she never talked to guys or her ex nothing well she kept lying to protect me and I was so mad . She also told Chris the next night after she cheated on me she felt like shit and hated herself but she also said she hasn't felt like that in a while. Cause I never do things to her during sex.

Well I found out another thing a couple days after finding out she messaged her ex. She said she was going to do it again to figure out what she wanted cause she felt like we were already ruined and didn't heat right the first time so might as well do it right the second. She seriously is a very modest girl and super good person. I have not physically cheated on her ever in the three years we were together. I have texted girls but that was long gone in the past .

What do I do. We have a kid and I don't want my daughter to grow up without both parents . My gf is 21 and I am 24 years old .

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Jan 27, 2018
that sucks
by: Anonymous

cant make a whore a housewife... and the friend sounds like a shitty person. give em both the boot youll be happier.

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