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by Anonymous

So my husband and i have been married 7 years together for 12 and have 2 kids together.... Now anyone with kids (especially younger ones) know finding the time for sex and being in the mood is hard.. But my husband if he goes longer than 2-3 days without getting laid he starts getting mad and finding reasons to pick a fight with me then i have to have sex with him in order for the fight to stop... But when it comes to me wanting him to spend time with me, in a non sexual way whether its snuggling and watching a movie or playing cards or ANYTHING i will take any kind of attention that's not sex once in awhile he just never has the time hes either always on the phone or having people over or going to peoples house to hang out..something its always something... Now i can get him to lay with me and watch a movie but it lasts all of 10 min before he's trying to get in my pants and have sex..... What does this say about how he feels about me or am i just reading too far into something???

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