Unable to do an Individual fulfillment with marriage and kids.

I feel selfish writing about this, but I guess I'm looking for some advice and don't have many people I can talk to.

I'm married and have two young children. My wife and I work opposite schedules to avoid paying daycare. Prior to kids, I was active with sports and an avid video game player. My wife was and still is active in her hobbies. Since kids, obviously priorities have changed due to time and money. My wife still has her hobbies, but I have pretty much given up doing anything I did prior to kids. If I'm lucky I'll be able to play in a tournament one weekend in the summer or something. When I do bring up doing something with work friends or playing a sport some night, an argument starts.

With years of this I feel like I'm losing myself and becoming bitter towards my wife. Any other husbands/fathers out there with advice or similar situations? Does this change or get better as kids get older?

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