Marriage Counseling & Family Therapy
For A New Beginning!

Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy Are The Solution.

So What's Your Problem?
Leading lonely & separate lives?
Fighting and name-calling?
Out-of-control children & teens?
Divorce survival?

We specialize in Marriage Counseling
using Gottman Method Couples Therapy to give you tools to survive affairs,  increase emotional communication and strengthen your marriage.

Family Therapy
to bring order and harmony to your family.

Individual Counseling
for Emotional Trauma and Life Issues

We'd like to talk with you!

We don’t just sit there and nod our head and murmur “hmmm.” We believe in taking an active part in solving the problems in your life.We welcome (and want) honest feedback about your experience with us. And if we find our treatment with you is not what you need, we will be the first to tell you, and recommend the appropriate therapist.

We won’t put your life on “hold.”

This may sound crazy, but we actually answer our own phone. There’s no secretary, and no phone menu. There’s no long waiting line for an appointment like you’ll find at a clinic or large group practice.

We don’t do "cookie-cutter" therapy.

Instead of trying to make the client “fit” the therapy, we tailor the therapy to fit the client. There are lots of schools of therapy out there, and we know most of them. We will use the techniques that are safe, comfortable and useful to you.

We offer a Free phone Consultation.

Give us a call
and we'll talk about what's going on in your relationship,
and how we can help you reconnect with your spouse or family.

Counseling Montgomeryville PA

Eugene Kayser MA, MFT
Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania 18936
Call or Text

(215) 813-8633

Jennifer McCarron, MFT
Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania 18936
Call or Text

(215) 361-7654

Robert Hunt, MFT
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Call or Text
Eugene Kayser  LMFT  at 215-813-8633 for Marriage Counseling in Montgomery and Bucks Counties

Gene Kayser uses the Gottman Method Couples Therapy system with his clients, with it's proven techniques & strategies for couples who want to save their relationship. This is a "nuts and bolts" approach based on 40 years of research & treatment.

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Our counselors will answer your questions.
And you, our readers, can offer advice from your experience.

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