Your Divorce Coach Can Help You
Survive and Flourish

Why Use A Divorce Coach?

Whether you are in the middle of a divorce or at the end, you’re hurting.
A divorce is like a death. And it can be crippling.

Your emotions are all over the place: anger, pain, shame, and guilt.

You can’t even talk to the person you’ve shared your life with for years.

You wonder if you can survive.

Well, you can. This is where a divorce coach can help.

Not your lawyer, not your accountant and not your best friend. These folks all mean well, and have a specific agenda, and they can help you end your marriage. But you also need someone to help you reclaim your life.

I'm Gene Kayser LMFT, and divorce coaching is one of my specialties. My job is to help you survive it and grow from the experience. I’ll ride with you on the emotional roller-coaster of divorce, help you deal with friends, kids and your “ex,” and guide you as you rebuild your life.

One of the things I suggest to my clients is to “Take the high road, and you can’t go wrong!”

It’s really important to be fair and concerned about all the people involved. The temptation, of course, is to lash out and be vindictive. But this only makes the situation worse. So while we’re working on straightening out your life, you can also avoid creating problems in the future.

Call me at 215-813-8633 for your free telephone consultation.

Gene Kayser

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The Therapy Menu

Tailor your treatment
to meet your needs
and schedule:

The Assessment 90 Minute Session is $255. This plan is highly recommended for initial evaluations for couples, and individuals in crisis.

The Standard 60 Minute Session is $170. Suitable for individuals and couples who need less intense work.

The Tune-Up 30 Minute Session is $85. Good for renewing your skills, or for short-term coaching.

Another Way to Save – Schedule your sessions for every other week, or for as often as you can afford.

All major credit cards, personal checks or cash accepted.

Why You Can’t Use Your Health Insurance:

Insurance companies will not pay for what they call “Relationship Diagnoses,” such as marital problems, family conflicts and career issues. They consider therapy for these problems to be “Elective Treatment” in the same sense that plastic surgery is elective, as compared to treatment for a disease. But you may be able to submit your bills for partial reimbursement. Just ask for a monthly statement.

for your first step toward
a better relationship.