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What Is The Best Marriage Counseling?

The best marriage counseling is one that creates good communication skills. Every couple comes in wanting to improve their communication. What they don't realize is they are already very good at communicating negative things. What they need are new skills that will promote a happy marriage.

Marriage looks easy when you are in the blush of first love and on your honeymoon. But eventually, the Love Drug (oxytocin) begins to wear off and the stuff we learned from watching our parents comes into play. There's the Good Stuff that we learned and the Bad Stuff that gets in the way of a sound relationship based on friendship, commitment and love.

So Look No Further.

I'm Robert Hunt. And I can help you save your marriage.

I specialize in couples counseling, with a special interest in intercultural couples with relationship problems. And I have been doing it a long time. I use techniques I learned from master teachers in the field of Family Systems Therapy. I also can help with and family problems, emotional trauma, and have expertise with adolescents who have school issues.

When choosing a counselor, their wisdom, life experience, empathy and the ability to connect with you are as crucial as the skills they will teach you to manage your life.

Let me collaborate with you to help you meet your personal goals, and provide you with tools for effective communication and conflict resolution. My approach is to look beyond the individual to the wider family system, assisting clients in understanding the impact of their childhood and past relationships on their current difficulties.

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Why Your Insurance Won't Work For Marriage Counseling

Insurance companies will not pay for what they call “Relationship Diagnoses,” such as marital problems, family conflicts and career issues.

They consider therapy for these problems to be “Elective Treatment” in the same sense that plastic surgery is elective, as compared to treatment for a disease.

But you may be able to submit your bills for partial reimbursement. Just ask for a monthly statement.


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If you're struggling with your relationship, this is the place to talk about it!
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"You gave us counseling without making either one of us feel that you were taking sides.
You always maintained your impartiality with us. You encouraged Rita to be more assertive in stating what she wanted to get from your counseling sessions, as well as what she wanted to get from the relationship.
You taught both of us better communication between ourselves, which lead to an emotional comfort level between us that didn't exist before.
You took control of the direction of the session if things were not moving along.
Thanks so much
for helping us."

Rita and Mark

Eugene Kayser, MA, MFT's profile on the Gottman Referral Network