11 year relationship


me and my boyfriend have been together for 11 years. he lives 45 minutes away and it has always been me going over there on saturday night till sunday. sometimes when i didnt have to work because i work for the schools. he delivered for abc warehouse and worked tues thru sat and sometimes long days. He quit his job 3 years ago and alot has changed.

my mom and i had a house together and she passed. i live in the house and i have custody of my 8 yr old granddaughter. I work all week plus take care of her and he has been coming here to work on my house which i have paid him for. he hasn't even looked for a job.

i have now inherited a lot of money and i'm not moving there and i don't want him living with me. this weekend lexi is gone to her mom's. i get a weekend to my self to do what i want to do. he expects me to come over there sat, and stay till sunday then get lexi and go home and get ready for work all week.

i feel that when he was working so was i. yet i was the one making most of the effort. yet now hes not working and only comes over when he has work to do on my house or if lexi's gonna be home. i don't see us getting married and we don't even date any more because everything we do i have to pay for.

i feel like i want to date and have someone to care about me and treat me like i'm special. i'm thinking i should end this.

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