5 years later finding out my ex been cheating

by Jamie G
(Lancaster )

I met someone that was broken and was treated bad in the streets ****is her married name. Which she still to this day not divorced that was also a problem. I started to talking to her a relationship which was for almost 4 years later I find out she always went back to that place and she always accused me of take naked pictures of her. Her 2 ex are printers and friends of her.

It’s seems 5 years later two beautiful kids. Which we lost to dcfs because of drugs use and alcohol use. I am accountable for failure to protect. And her godmother always enabled her and always told me to be patient and understanding. I learned how to be patient and have compassion.. but this person now has flipped the script again.. my question is can somebody be sick enough to have to kids with the A person she Said she hates..

I am Hispanic and she mixed black and white. And she always got bad advice from her family. Kind of like been racist. She once said she didn’t live our daughter because her friends were makes fun of her cause she looked too Hispanic.. I have lived in a world of insanity behind close door I did all I could to have a family.with her but her ex has always been around and her God Mother has been aware of it. And now that she doesn’t have the kids it’s seems they are happier than ever.. I mean this something I don’t which on nobody to ever have there kids remover from. Them

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