Abusive boyfriend

by anonymous

I am in relationship with a guy and we have talked to our parents about our marriage too. I like this guy but he is being too abusive i think. He is too possessive and doesn't want me to talk to any other guy. I agreed. It was not a big deal for me.

He also says i should tell him everything. He often tells me when he is out somewhere, that girl is looking at me and stuff. I get upset but i don't blame him for that and the tone he says that is like it is funny.

Yesterday at my office some guy was staring at me for a while. I didn't do anything. I told him that and he started abusing me. That i am a bitch kind of and that's why i go to work, to see guys. I didn't see anyone. I cried and started from office because i couldn't take it. He called me cheap. And kept shouting. And asked me to leave. So many people at my office saw me because i was crying. Now i am feeling so bad to go back to office and he says am only concerned about me and am selfish.

I want to move on. This hurts so bad. This is not love. But i keep going back to him.

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