abusive relationship?

by lilly
(Delaware )

Am I in a abusive relationship? he takes the lighter and gets close to me and tries to light it spark it. yesterday he took it and put the lighter next to my foot and lit it on my sole of my shoe. then he says oh I'm just playin. I would never set you on fire.

he calls me crazy. he mocks what I say. he calls me s* head. says I'm just playing. he called me ugly the other day. I know that's not true or he wouldn't hit me kissing me. and he said Oh I'm just desperate. thats why I'm with you.

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Oct 16, 2014
by: Anonymous

Yes, leave as soon as possible. Go to someone who's close to you, or to a women's shelter. If he threatens you with a lighter again, call 911. Don't contact him, and change your number if possible.

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