Am I overreacting about my cousin and husband?

by Tanya
(Michigan )

Hi, I would like for you all to tell me if I’m overreacting. Recently, my family and my cousin went to visit My cousin ex boyfriend who is (also her child’s father). We spent the night. I was tired the next day, So while I was sleeping my cousin and my husband took the kids to the playground. My husband and cousin took an innocent picture of the two of them on the park bench... at least I thought that at first. But she quickly posted the picture on Instagram under the caption “family”. Mind you, she tagged his business which im not even posted on his page (of t-shirts) a Instagram follower quickly asked where was I in the picture. My husband and cousin didn’t see anything wrong with it. I know she admires my husband because he is a good dad and spouse... her live in boyfriend doesn’t help out with any bills... and her child’s father isn’t interested in her either. We all hang out together... sometimes she is the third wheel because her live in boyfriend doesn’t have any money . My question is, Am I looking to deep into it? Or should I let it go?

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