Am I wrong or bad ?

by anonymous

My wife of almost 4 years and I have had a lot of arguments that got out of hand. We start arguing and she will spit in my face or hit me knowing that this will trigger a large response as in pushing her away but I've never actually hit her. I have pushed her extremely hard and multiple times just to keep her from hitting me.

She has called the law and I have left willingly every time. I have tried to diffuse by just agreeing and being cursed and insulted the whole time. I have asked that she not drink or at least not talk about serious things when she does. I have asked her to go to counseling as I did for my temper. But neither is an option for her.

My question is an I wrong for defending myself either physically or verbally? I love this woman with all of my being. Do I just take what I would call abuse and live with it smiling or is there something else I can do?

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