Announcing Erectile dysfunction on loudspeaker

by anonymous

I'm a 36 year old Indian male suffering from erectile dysfunction from many years. I might get hard using Viagra but even then it is not really reliable, and also depends on the girl's cooperativeness. After wasting many years fruitlessly to fight it I finally resigned to accepting it and decided to find a girl who is ok with it.

Now having also wasted many years on cold approaches and failing to get a girlfriend, I signed up on an Indian match site, hoping to get a girlfriend there. One girl accepted my 'like' but when I called it was her mom that picked the phone. She goes by "arranged marriage" approach where the parents match-make using horoscope charts, and no dating is involved. Obviously this won't work with my plan of finding a girl that is ok with working with my E.D. Sex is not the only thing that matters, I wanted to date the girl for a few months like everyone does before deciding to marry. I don't have the slightest belief in horoscope matching.

Should I let the case go or tell her mom about my E.D. (I'm cringing) and asking if she is ok with that. The girl is good looking that's why I'm even asking this. I'm also bald, and most Indian girls reject me on account of that, but this girl doesn't seem to mind, which is why it makes it hard to let it go.

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