Bar hopping while out of town

by anonymous

My husband and I have been married for 10 years and have 2 small children together. He recently took a new job which requires a lot of traveling. He's usually gone for a week at a time. While out of town he bar hops with his coworkers, it's mostly men but occasionally there with be a female in the group.

In our 10 years of marriage it is never be common practice to frequent bars. However, he believes that because he is out of town and has nothing to do after work and his coworkers are going to the bars after dinner, it's ok.

Is there some etiquette that married couples should follow while out of town? I certainly see no problem with him going out to dinner after work with his coworkers or even going out for one drink after work. I have tried to convey to him the emotional and physical "land mines" that frequent bar hopping may cause while he's out of town places, but he doesn't agree..

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