Blame to do nothing for her every time

by Pankaj
(chandigarh India )

HI, I am 34 years boy working in a IT company 200 Miles from my home. I have been married for 5 years. Since I do not live with my wife and she live with my parents. I went to see my family twice in month.

My life is little busy with work and did not get much time to talk with my wife. However we spoke 2,3 time in a day over phone but for a short time. my wife always blame me that I do not talk to her and lose interest from her. She never understand the fact that I live alone and have to do all my routine work at home. Some time we have serious fight over phone on this. She wants that I should talk to her for long time but It is not possible because I reached home late at night after office.

Over the time she is getting more n more demanding and have issues with me for little things and start blaming for the things that I missed get angry with me. Earlier it happened some times but now it is happening more frequently. Some time she has issues with my family, some time she thinks I don't love her, Some times she says I am not doing the things int he way she wants. Now we have fight almost everyday. I know she loves me a-lot but she did not change herself over the time and wants to spent life like new couples who chatted over phone all the time.

I don't know How to deal with her and sometime realize that I had made a very big mistake by marrying . We both are different and see the things differently. May be it is because we much big age difference.

Please help me What should I do I am getting frustrated with this life day by day.


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