Blended family issues.

by Pearson

I am seeking advice or opinion about my family situation. My husband and I are a blended family. We have been married for 5 years, together for 7. When we meet he told me he had grown children ( 21,16,14 at the time) the oldest who isn't his biologically (has a child) adopted her when he and his ex-wife were together, The oldest is his ex-wife's daughter and raised her as his own. So I knew that he has a granddaughter.

I was only 26 at the time and he was 38. I was married and had 2 kids from that marriage. Together we have 6 kids. For the last 5 years his daughters have had kids own their own. The middle child had 2 kids when she was only 16. He and I eventuality had a child together.

Anyway, his kid's kids would come over at least every other weekend to spend the night. Sometimes I would have to care for 5-6 children at the time. I work full-time and don't get help from him. My only days off are on the weekends. I always get upset when his grand kids come over to spend the night when all I want to do is relax during on my day off and Clean the house. The house would be such a mess after cleaning it and it's really stressful. His kids specially the middle child will drop off her kids at our house (she never has her kids on the weekends).

I just want a break, not have a bunch of kids running around. His mom and him tells me I am being unreasonable and insensitive to this. Am I in the wrong? What should I do? I have talk to him about this and nothing is being resolved.

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