"Change your bank account, Your wife doesnt love you"

by Melanie
(Doylestown, Pa)

I went to a Christian therapist with my husband after losing a baby. He liked talking about what his ex-wife did to him. I didn't go back but my husband did. He told him to close our bank account and open one in his name. He did. When I saw checks without my name, he did change it back!!!

Another counselor he went to told him it sounds like your wife doesn't love you!! He never met me.

Dear Melanie... I'm sorry you had two bad experiences. There are good therapists out there who are trained in doing marriage therapy. Check out www.therapistlocator.net, www.marriagefriendlytherapists.com. and the www.gottman.com directory for people who are trained properly, and don't have their own agenda.


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