Completely emasculated and isolated

by Sampath Parthasarathy

Financially secure and wealthy. After wife's death remarried fearing loneliness. The current wife of 5 years has completely isolated me, treats me like an idiot (I have a PhD and a MBA), she can't wait to leave home everyday to see and be with her friends, doesn't do any household chores (cleaning, taking care of dog, cooking-never cooked in her life). Blames me for everything. Flirts with younger men. I have lost all the will and desire to live.My second marriage after the death of my wife. This is her 3rd marriage. I am number 43 (!) in her life and puts everyone ahead. She shops and shops and returns and returns. No sense of finance, although she has a MBA and a CPA credentials.

I am so sad and depressed; don't know what top do

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