Confused and indecisive

by Charlie xo9

So I am a 28 yr old female, married for last 3 yrs.initially after my marriage we moved in with my mother in law and my husband sort of got the idea that it's okay to live with her for now.but as all MILs she was not ready to accept me.she had issues with every move I made so after 5 months my husband and I decided to move out.but now for last 1 yr she has been begging my husband to move back and all and that she has changed.which I know she has not obviously,but anyway since my husband started to worry about his mom I was like okay may be we can move but on my terms that we both will have our separate compartments in the home with every facility. She will not use mine I wont use her etc.anyway she sold her house but then another idea hit her that why don't we go live in another city and I was like WHAT! I cant just leave my job and neither can my husband.and she only wanted to move there as she has more relatives living there but anyway I refused.still she went to see houses in that city. Anyway when she could not find she came back and then she now started to beg my husband to buy a house according to my demand(she has already sold hers).we r trying to find but she does not agree on anything and I think she wants to buy one according to her demands in which we share everything.she is so indecisive and manipulative.i feel like I m stuck in a loop where I have to decide my life according to her which is very frustrating. Help plz what should I do

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