Controlling girlfriend? Help!

by Yoyo 9927

Me & my girlfriend have been together for nearly 3 years now. everything was perfect to begin with, until I messed up one time. ever since then, every argument we have she brings up what I did. I messed up at the start of the relationship but she still brings it up to this day, nearly 3 years later.

She hates it when I'm not with her or if i'm with my friends but it's always different when she's with her friends. It's like I'm not allowed to do anything but she is. but if I tell her she just goes mad and argues for days and brings up the past. She holds so many grudges and never forgets anything I've done wrong.

I really don't know what to do anymore. I think we both acknowledge that our relationship is coming to an end but she always blames me for everything. She always verbally abuses me and I've had enough.

I just don't know what to do and how to end this. She has no trust towards me at all. she just thinks this relationship is a game because since the day that I messed up (at the start), all she does is try and get back at me, just trying to score points and 'make me feel how she feels'.

Please help!

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