Counselor Insisted I wasn't suicidal

by Diana
(Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

She held up her fingers and made a pinching motion, "you have this tiny bit of hope left here. That's your hope." I told her that I don't have any and she told me not to interrupt her. She then said "Your family, your boyfriend, the art you enjoy making" and her fingers spread wider with each thing she listed, "Look at that, you have all this hope." and when I told her that none of those things mattered to me, she called me selfish and asked "well why don't you do it right now if you're so sure?" and I left the room.

She visited me in the hospital after I had tried to kill myself, crying and asking me why didn't I tell her that I was really suicidal. I'm still pissed that she didn't get fired.

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Jan 23, 2020
I am so sorry
by: Anonymous

That was terrible of her to do. No one should ever tell anyone to go kill themselves, ESPECIALLY if they have told you that they have suicidal thoughts! I hope that you are finally getting the help you need. A therapist that helps you gain hope rather than give her own mantra about YOUR life

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