Crush problems

by Slesha

Its around a month now that I met my crush and developed strong feelings for him. I searched him on Facebook and we became friends. He initiated the talks. Later then we started chatting. Not much but he did. Sometimes he did till 2-3 am in the night. He used to come less online on FB.

Once there was a programme in my college. I invited him casually and knew he won't come but to my surprise, he came. And we spent a great time together. He asked me if he could drop me to my hostel and meanwhile took me for juice. I got more interested.

We belonged from the same caste thus I started thinking of marriage. I never told him anything how I felt. He never asked me for my no. As well. He never flirted too. Once I sent him pics where I was having lunch with my male classmate and he truly got angry and jealous. Although he didn't admit it that he was being jealous. Later then our vacations were starting and I expected that he would meet me before I leave for my place but he didn't. Instead that day he was full time online on FB but didn't talk to me. I messaged him from train and he talked casually. All my way I saw him online but not responding to my chats. And then after I reached home, he messaged if I've reached home and I responded and asked that where was he so busy? He said he was out in work whereas because he was going Agra next day.

I saw him continue online. That night we talked for a while and I told him that what time pass u keep, on doing which literally offended him. And said now he will not waste my time and went offline. I asked so many times for his pardon. But he didn't even open my messages. He was constantly online the next day and full night that day. I woke up at 4am and saw that he was online and same continued till 7 am. Now i've lastly messaged him and said that now I'll not message him. But I can't even live without him. I want him. What should I do?

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