Difficulties in family relations

by Anonymous

I am an Indian girl I got married to my husband in jan 2017 . After few days I got to know his behavior was not proper then after a research on internet I got to know that my husband has traits of borderline personality disorder. Then suddenly I came to know I got pregnant for which I was not ready cause of instability in our relationship so I wanted to go for an abortion but my mom in law n others were very much against that as its an evil act & I told them about our unstable relationship etc & somehow I underwent this situation though was mentally disturbed . My mom in law doesn’t treat me the way she treats my husbands sister in law which makes me feel depressed and she has stop talking to my husband cause even he got that feeling from his mom as she considers his sister in law over him ..when spoke to her about this she stop talking to him & still she is not talking to him . Always show tantrums & tell us bad words and mention that we have done abortion for which all of them might get punish and always try to suppress me indirectly ..

somehow i have managed to improve MY husband’s behavioral disorder and now he is improving but gets stressed out cause his mother is no more close to her .& cause of all this I tend to be upset cause somehow I feel guilty for this situation n financially we are not capable enough to move out. all these are really pissing me off & I think I might go in depression .. & now I am trying to get pregnant again but this kind of behaviors of all of them is somehow bothering me.

can anyone help me & give me an advice how to tackle this situation..plss I need your help guys

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