Domestic Violence after 20 years

by Nik

My husband and I have been for the most part happily married for 20 years. Never been physical with each other although we have had our share of other marital issues. On Sunday after an event with friends and drinks an argument broke out in the car. It escalated quickly with screaming and then slapping and tussling. We pulled over and it quickly turned deadly. He choked me until I saw stars and then threw me out on the concrete once I was able to get his hands from around my neck.

My question although extreme it was the first physical altercation we've ever had. Is there any hope for my marriage?

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Apr 02, 2019

by: The Couples Guide

Nobody should be in a relationship where they can be hurt, physically or emotionally. You should warn him that if this ever happens again, you will go to the police. And I definitely recommend counseling.

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