Elderly couple with differing sex drives

by Nicole
(Michigan USA)

My husband & I were high school sweet-hearts & have been married 45 years.There have been ups & downs but he's the only man I love & have had sex with. Lately,I always have to initiate sex.I'd like him to initiate sex more,but perhaps that's something I can't change(?) He's always had a low sex drive but lately won't make the effort to initiate sex at all. I'm lucky that he tells me he loves me every day & would do anything in his power for me.He seems to still enjoy my company.We're both mid 60's & obese.He's had multiple surgeries for joints damaged by arthritis.The times we do make love we both really enjoy it,with the help of Viagra.Makes me really sad he doesn't seem to need/desire sex with me.Help!

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