Emotionally unavailable and verbally abusive

by D

I am remarried and been married for 6 years. My husband over most of our marriage barely speaks a word,shows no emotion,never jokes or laughs. I can't have any conversation deeper than I fed the dogs or whats for dinner. He is rarely physically affectionate unless he's drinking.

I've gone to couples counseling and read marriage books with him about the need for emotionally and physically intimacy to no avail. I pulled back from the relationship and he rarely makes conversation or approaches me. When I try to discuss my needs that only he should for fill he says im ridiculous and demanding. We got into a disagreement the other night and he told me to f off.

Im at a point where the lack of support and intimacy is causing me depression and anxiety. I feel like ive done all I can and I am no longer interested in putting effort into the relationship.

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