Ex girlfriend and mother in law

by Germie
(Ohio, usa)

I married (I have two kids) a few months ago and my mother in law and my husband ex (of 10 years and have a kid together) is very close to her. My husband tell his mom everything and she shares with his ex who’s our neighbor and she comes asking questions about it or try to discuss it like she’s being friendly and she later changes the story about what I said, and she’ll say things like he’s a bad guy and cheated and tells me to be careful with him etc...

I try to explain to my husband but he says I complain about stupid things, I know there’s nothing between them but they text a lot, and she shows up to our house, they talk in the drive way for long, joke. at his parents they have photos of hers but not of me and him although we are married(they have pictures of my boys though). My mother in law is nice to me but the gossiping with her ex daughter in law is too much and each time I have an argument with my husband she suggest him to start divorce procedures.

Am I really complaining about stupid things? Everyone says am overreacting about complaining, am I really?

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