Feel like I'm losing my mind

by burns7272

Here lately I feel like I'm losing my mind. My husband keeps leaving earlier and earlier for work when his job is right at 10 minutes away. He is currently leaving 40 minutes before he has to be there and he doesn't stop and eat breakfast or anything. He swears he goes straight to work except occasionally stopping at the gas station that is on his way. When I ask him about it he blows up.

Here lately his entire demeanor towards me has changed he is constantly cold towards me, upset with me, yelling at me, or just ignores me. If i point out how he is treating me he denies he is treating me that way or making me feel that way. He even when he goes to the bathroom to use the bathroom goes to the upper floor that way he can hear me coming or as he says can get some peace while spending 30 minutes to an hour using the bathroom entry single time sometimes multiple times a day.

I've asked him if there is anything I should know or if there is any chance he is cheating and he vehemently denies it but the last time he acted this way was when a young secretary was constantly texting him and even one time when he took the day off she even tracked me down and messaged me on fb asking where he was and she was worried about him when she has never even met me. He never admitted to any wrong doing then and he has already had a similar situation with another female employee at his new job that he swears he has done nothing wrong and did nothing to encourage her.

Here lately it's become a habit to cry my heart out when he is at work because everything in me is saying something is wrong but he won't tell me which he did used to have a bad history of lying to me so there is a chance he wouldn't tell me.

Am I losing my mind or jumping to conclusions because this is tearing me apart.

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