Feeling like drowning

by Kris

Just wrote this and helped me stop crying tonight:

So much to say but no one to listen, that has been my life for the last decade. I can't even talk to God cause he just listened to my immature heart and granted my wishes and they are my fault.
Being married is keeping a perfect image to the public but then carry all the pain and heartache to yourself cause no one really cares or wants to listen to another sad heartbroken wife.
We are all drama, emotional and overreacting people that lose sight of what is "real" or "logical"

We are just to be mocked by our husbands with their friends and their opinions of how right and acceptable their behavior is and how crazy we are for daring to say out loud what we feel. You give your all to someone that will never value who you are. He will take you forever for granted. He will see you withered and just dismiss you like a piece of shit he thinks you are.

If you tell the world about your feelings they will just make fun of you and your stupid decision of getting married in the first place. They all will tell you how they were right since the beginning and now you have to pay the price for letting yourself have feelings for someone and giving your heart to the believe that love is real and that you found someone to share it with and that marriage was a good thing that could happen to you.

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