Financial issues causing marital problems

by Nikki
(Chicago, IL )

So over this past year my husband and I have came across some financial problems. We have only been married for 3 years and it seems that we are always having bad luck financially. Something is always coming up with car repairs, medical issues, or home repairs. I am also going to school during the day and working 2nd shift while my husband is working 3rd shift. I am the one that manages the bills and i am finding this process to be too stressful for me to manage everything.

I am having to hard of a time managing bills, school plus take care of our house and make sure we have food to eat. I find myself thinking would i would be better off alone and leaving him and i don't know why i keep thinking these things. I feel like he is just "free riding" until i'm done with school because i will have a better job and he won't be working as much. I find myself wondering if that's why he is with me.

Any advice? If i bring this up to him he gets mad or upset and says no of course, not i love u. But i can't imagine him staying with me if i had no ambition.

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