He called me names

(Tennessee )

For my husband and I, English is the second language. He was on a phone with someone when he said "come again?" because he couldn't hear them. This was first time I heard this phrase and all I could think of was something entirely different and inappropriate, that made me giggle. I laughed about it and said it jokingly to him again. He didn't find it funny though.

I didn't mean it in a bad way. For me it was just a joke. I didn't call him stupid or intended to feel him that way. He told me out of the blue, that I am f*ing stupid and was entirely disrespectful.

His words hurt me, because I didn't put him down as a human being, but he did that to me. He used to do that a lot and hearing those words again brought back lots of sad memories.

I don't know what to think now. According to him, it's always me who does something wrong.
He makes fun of things I say wrong in English and that's fine. When I do that, I deserve name calling. Not sure what to think about it anymore. Any advice?

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