He never offers help or support

by Penny

Hi there.

I am married 3 years, together 5. My father was an alcoholic and abandoned the family when i was young. I have dealt with a lot of that in therapy. I am very independent and organized generally. I am very affectionate to my husband and he would be in no doubt of my feelings for him.

I know everyone has their own point of reference but I feel my needs aren't being met. I never ask him to do anything for me and he never offers to help me when its very obvious I need help. He waits until I am completely stressed out to my breaking point and then asks me if I need help. It really annoys me that he doesn't offer when its obvious I need help. Also when i say I love you he doesn't always say it back. I just feel really unloved and unseen tbh. The times I really need affection or support its like he's on lock-down. Sorry this is so long

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