How do I get my man to be more of a man?

by Deedee

I love my boyfriend with all my heart we were BEST friends for years before we started dating so we have a super strong connection.

I would never want to say anything that would hurt his feelings. This guy was the most popular kid in high school, he’s got the coolest car and my god he’s the funniest person I’ve ever met. To his peers, that’s all there is to him. But with me, I know that’s just an eighth of the top layer. And I promise that none of his friends would believe me if I told them he’s the exact opposite. He’s the most sensitive guy ever. Cries a lot when he’s sad or when he’s happy and he loves being taken care of and being babied. He’ll completely change his voice to a baby’s and he’ll make cooing sounds and it was cute at first but now it’s just kinda weird I guess.

I’ve mentioned it to him that I don’t want him to Be like that with me all the time but sometimes it’s okay, but the frequency of it since then hasn’t diminished I’m afraid... and I’m scared to tell him straight up like man tf up please because he’ll get so sad and it’s just you know a girl wants to feel like her man is a MAN. Someone who’s gonna take care of her and wear the pants in the relationship you know?

I love the person that he is, but I’m scared if I tell him to stop doing it the wrong way, he’ll think I want him to pretend to be something he’s not and that I don’t love the true him. But that’s not the true him, right? Please help. Thanks.

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