How to move past an affair to save my marriage

by Brianna

My husband was unfaithful to me months ago but I can’t get over it. It was with a coworker, they never were physical but had inappropriate flirtatious conversations online for about 2 weeks. He lied and hid it endlessly.

During this time he turned into someone I didn’t feel like I knew and started hanging out with a bad crowd and started doing drugs. I found out about his relationship with this woman and obviously confronted him. the next few months we fought like crazy as his behavior didn’t change Much except ending the affair. I wanted to split up but A few days after, he had a serious injury and ended up having to have a major surgery which I was there for. He claimed this to be a wake up call for him and decided to get his life together and right his wrongs.

he has done everything I’ve asked and more from recommitting to our relationship and going to therapy. He’s done everything right and our relationship feels better than it was before the affair but I can’t seem to shake the negative feelings. Some days I am so filled with rage and resentment I can’t stand to look at him. I just don’t understand how to get over this hump so I can enjoy my like new marriage. Any advice?

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