Husband addicted to phone

by Tess

My husband is addicted to his phone. He is so uninterested in anything around him anymore. I barely see his face anymore, only the top of his head because he is looking down all the time. I speak to him and he doesn't hear me, and doesn't realize I spoke, it is nonstop.

We will be out at dinner, in the car, at the pub, watching a movie, in bed, anytime we are trying to spend time together he is on his phone. I have tried countless time to speak to him about it and he gets so angry about it, he instantly gets so frustrated and screams so loud at me.

I only want to spend time with him and be close like we used to be. I feel so neglected and alone. He prioritizes every other person he communicates with and answers all conversations on his phone immediately, even if we are on a 'date' curled up watching a movie together.

I honestly can't take it anymore, it's so hurtful and upsets me so much. I feel like i can't tell my friends and family because I don't want him to appear bad to them but I can't talk to him anymore because it always results in a blazing row. I don't know what to do. We will Be having children in a few years and I do not want them to brought up thinking this acceptable to treat people this way, it is so rude to sit on your phone non stop when you are on someone's company.

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