Husband buying other women drinks

by hays f

I give my husband a lot of freedom. He goes and does what he like a lot of the time and has many hobbies. I on the other hand am more than happy spending time and making memories with our children. We are both the same age and work full time but have different ideas on how to spend our weekends. Mine with the children his taking part in one of his many hobbies.

Last night he met up for drinks with two male friends that he has not seen for a while due to lock down. I thought nothing of it except for the fact it was only suppose to be a few and he didn't walk in till 12.15 even though he had work the next day. In the morning he told me how drunk they all got and how he had to carry his drunken friend home. Then just dropped in how strange it was that two women showed up that one of his other married friends seemed to know. They joined them in the apparently huge table and my husband spoke with the other make and had nothing to do with the women and his other friend who was talking.

After a day at work thinking about it I brought up about the women again and was reminded how they were the other end and he didn't talk. But then mentioned how his friend bought them drinks. Which made me question if he did and oh yes he had. Of course it was because it was the decent thing to do as they had bought him one. He is a married man that should of just been going to meet two male friends. But then apparently sat on table with two women not talking to them but they all bought each other drinks.

I trust that nothing happened but I feel that it is disrespectful to me as his wife to sit in a pub buying drinks for other women that he apparently isn't talking to and wants nothing to do with.
Being annoyed is me overreacting. Am I?

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Feb 03, 2024
On my part I’d much inconvenient
by: Anonymous

My whole's family went to watch a rodeo, husband is been seems looking around for a particular, got up went to bathroom gone for almost an hour, got back brought a ladies drink for me that I thought sweet, casually still looking around then an hour after decided to get up asked if I want something which I declined then as he walked by another woman on the other aisle just told him hey (name) buy me a drink, husband looked at her then smile and lean to say a word God knows what they both giggle smile, when he got back he did night the other woman a drink and me too, I blown up so mad, asked him who is she then he said she’s just the one I worked with, confronted him & I was really upset & mad, he said we are just joking, I’m just being nice so she’s nice to me in return,i slap him and so mad he seems just ignoring my emotion, got home, the next day he told me after another confrontation that they are just like that, she’s just then didn’t finished word when looking at me.& swore he I’m the only one he love.If your on my own shoe what would u feel?

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