Husband too close to his sister in law.

by Jule

Need help. I am breaking down emotionally and mentally. I feel my husband doesn't love me anymore.

We've been married for 3 years now. He is working abroad and hence comes home only twice a year. He has always been close to his brother's wife. She's younger and more good looking than me. All my husband's relatives treat her as if she is Jesus. My husband gives her full attention and focus whenever he is talking. A room full of people and he will be looking only at her when he is speaking. He asks her for opinions, suggestions and whatnot. I am invisible to him. He never and i mean never looks at me when he is talking. Always at his sister in law. It has always been like this and I've ignored it.

Me and my husband barely talk. He is uncomfortable in my presence. He takes me for granted. I am pregnant right now and extremely prone to mood swings. All this is adding to my pressure.
I don't mind him talking to her but when he behaves like i don't even exist, it hurts.

I haven't confronted him with what i am feeling.
Any thoughts or comments. Am i making a mountain out of a molehill?

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Nov 03, 2023
To husband having a crush on sister
by: Angie Don't Play

I would confront him about it and if he acts like he doesn't want to listen grab that man by his collar and tell him to get right by you or else!
Say to him if he's not happy being where he is, he should leave.

Mar 23, 2023
You need to let him live without you
by: Anonymous

I wouldn’t put up with that for a second. You are his wife and that demand respect

Oct 22, 2019
I understand your feelings
by: Anonymous

I can totally understand your feelings. I wish you could confront him about it. I know it can be hard to realize at times but if you chose to move on from him you could find someone who would appreciate you more.

My husband has been financially supporting his brothers family and lawyer fees for his brothers wife's asylum case. We are talking thousands of dollars going to this woman. I feel a deep resentment and anger towards her. My husband also loves her children who are of course his nephews but i don't want kids so i feel like sometimes my husband wishes he could take his brothers place. It makes me so angry.

We have almost separated several times already over this. I don't want him spending 1 more cent on that woman but he doesn't care what i want. Its getting to the point where i'm going to start weighing my options and possibly leaving him.

I hope you can find a resolution to this. Maybe you could try getting closer to a male relative in your family or even his. Text them and chat with them constantly. Give your husband a taste of his own medicine. I know it is childish and not the most productive advice but i am in the same situation and all i feel is anger.

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