I can see how much my wife still trap on her past marriage.And she let me feel im less important.

by Redge R
(Erie, pa USA)

We are married for 6 years now. My wife let me feel less important, she don't even respect me she yell at me,telling all the bad words that you can imagine. She don't even see all the effort and things im doing to keep this relationship healthy.She just go off for no reason.

Example that we are having a good time, and then suddenly she is looking for something and then accused me that i did moved the things she was looking for.And then if i say i didn't touch it and try to help her to look for it, she will not stop yelling. and even if we will find the stuff, she still not gonna admit it. But will gonna throw back all the things that i did in the past that some are all accusation.

I cant never win. sometimes i end up sleeping in the car, and Cry, she will not gonna asked me to come in or something, else she will gonna accused me again that im doing something, and threaten me that she will gonna talk with somebody else. One time i caught her phone that she is talking to somebody and instead of explaining things when i confront her, she start telling me that im the one who doing bad things and talking to somebody.

Im trying to keep the bond in tact so i keep on overcome and buried the hatchet. But this few months she is becoming worse. Even when she do the laundry she will not clean mine, i do my own laundry which im expecting her to clean my laundry.Im working 2nd shift, by the time i go home i need to cook myself. she don't care about me. Im really hurt all the things that make me hold on because we have a 6 years old daughter and 4 year old son.I love them so much i cant imagine if i can make it without them if we get separated.

On the part about her X husband she always say good things seems like she let me feel how concern she is about him.About me if other people tell good things about me to her, Instead of become happy, she will start telling them bad things about me even they are lies.And if sometimes when both watch movie and there is a bad scene she then start compare me to the scenario and she will not stop she will insist.until will fight and end up sleeping either in the couch or car.

its Killing me slowly, im trying to accept her maybe that's how she is. I hope someday she will change for good. I don't want to cheat on her. Please advice me im on the brink of going far and never show to her again. Thank you for taking the time to read my Post.

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