I caught my husband flirting via text and expects me to just get over it...

by Anonymous

I read a text on his phone sent to an ex-coworker (a kissy emoji face) and when I confronted him about it, he says that he's not flirting and that it's nothing and basically wants me to just get over it. But today, he is throwing a huge tantrum because I did not wake him up in time for him to go to the mall and pick up the shoes he wanted to get.

I know I should talk to him about this instead of logging on here and look for strangers' opinions, but he makes me feel like my feelings are invalid and that all that matters are his feelings... And it hurts me. What hurts me more is that I'm pregnant, and he's making me feel these feelings right now, and it's not good for the baby. I feel like he's still having an emotional affair with that ex-coworker by keeping his phone private and not letting me have access to it (He has access to my phone he knows that pass-code).

I feel conflicted and I've been told that the things he's showing me right now, it's not a good sign...

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