I don’t love him

by Anonymous

Hi I’ve been with my other half 12 years, married for 3, we have 3 beautiful children. For a while I have felt myself drifting away from him, before Christmas I told him I wanted to separate and he was distraught and acted in a way I didn’t appreciate, calling his mum straight away, going into the children’s bedroom straight away and telling them mummy doesn’t love me anymore etc.

I felt really guilty for upsetting him so agreed to try marriage counseling knowing full well it wouldn’t change the way I feel. It never happened and I’m still here in this marriage. He has done and said some things in the past that I just can’t get past, he knows this and thinks I should just forget about it. He has a temper and knows that this is one of the major issues for me and he has tried to calm down and he has somewhat but I think it’s too late.

I can’t stand to sleep with him and a lot of the things he does irritates the life out of me. He constantly gropes me, I mean constantly, in front of the kids which I have told him so many time I feel is inappropriate but he continues to do it and then makes me feel bad when i say stop. When I’m in the bath or getting changed he is there “looking” at me, I tell him I sometimes want to have a bath or get changed without being perved over but again he continues to do it and makes me feel like I’m being horrible when I raise the issue. As well as blowing up about everything and being a really negative person.

I just don’t know what to do. He is a nice person sometimes and I know he loves me and my kids

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