I don’t think my husband loves me or even likes me

by anonymous

Driving back from a wedding I brought the uncomfortable question so you love me? Married 20y and 4 children he said yes. But you don’t want to do anything with me and I’m always a bit of a joke to you. He told he found me difficult and we just have different out looks on life. I asked what was difficult? I can’t have a laugh or take a joke, which I can but not when it’s aimed at me or any problems with the kids is my fault.

After nearly 20 years of being a house wife I’ve started working and really enjoy my team in which people say I’m bubbly and positive and are so kind towards me. So I’m not sure why he can’t see this side of me. I asked if he wanted to stay with me and he said I don’t know, I replied well that say a lot. He said he wouldn’t leave me as he doesn’t just walk away (which I felt hurtful as if I’m a problem) then said I’m like a ford Mondeo but he wished he could drive a Fahrai once in while. Then told me I’m not sexually exciting. I feel soul destroyed at which I pointed out this does has brought up your four kids kept a house and let him do whatever he wants.

I feel so crushed and sad it actually hurts my chest. Now I feel like I don’t perform well enough and can’t talk about it. I don’t know if I should stay. I have very little friends or family as I’ve just been at home for the past 20 years.

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