I Feel Depressed

by Anonymous

I just got married last Feb., and I had a baby; he's now 5 months old. I have been staying at home watching the baby.

My husband has been resenting me, saying that he pays all the bills while I do nothing.. and he's pressuring me to work soon. He says he wishes that he could stay at home while I work and pay all the bills.

I feel scared and frightened of him. I think marrying him was a mistake... but then I'm scared because of my son. He threatens to get custody of my son.

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Sep 16, 2011
Get Out
by: Anonymous


Please get out now, he will only get worse. You are only recently married and he is behaving so poorly already.

He has poor character as a person. He thinks it's easy staying home caring for a baby? He should try it sometime . . . it is 10-times more difficult than holding down a regular job on the outside.

Besides, you are home caring for HIS child as well as yours. He is not doing you any favors, only what is expected of any loving and responsible husband and father.

Good luck to you!

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