I feel like my husband puts alot of pressure on me by the way he speaks to me.

by Sarah

My husband seems to blame everything that happens in our life on me. When I had my first daughter, as she got older and we had to work out parenting styles etc, it became apparent how different we are.

We fight all the time about how to do things, he is really impatient and has a quick temper, but I tend to step in when he gets heated and he feels I take over his parenting (which I do and I am trying to step back). It got better as she got older but since baby 2 and he has had to step up more it's like world war 3 in our house. I feel like he puts alot of blame on me. So I just wanted a little advice on tonight's argument.

- I just finished cooking dinner and was bathing the girls, as I was walking to the bathroom my baby poo on me but I didn't notice as she was wrapped up in a towel so poo went on the floor from the bath to our bedroom. He then got angry and was like "oh what the? It's everywhere." Picks up my toddler and puts her on the couch and says to her "stay here, Mum has walked poo all through the house" in this really cranky voice. Oh and then doesn't help clean up or anything! It's like I had purposely got her to shit on the floor.

I am just wondering if I am being to sensitive about it? This is our main issue as I can't handle the way he speaks to me And then when I try to communicate how I feel he says things like I'm just whinging or that I like to fight. But I don't i just don't want to be spoken to that way.
I even left for a few nights I was that over it and he wanted me to come back and said he wanted to work as a team together but he then just does the same old shit.

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