i need some help

by Dan

Hi my name is Dan i am married and have been for 5 years . A few years ago my wife found out about my porn addiction. and it turned our world upside down. i have been p free for 3 years. but obviously it still causes alot of problems.

We had a massive argument last night after a family party and it is hard to see how we can resolve our issues. I feel like i am drowning and can't ever seem to do the right thing. Last night argument started after i prodded a young woman at the party as a joke it was a completely innocent act on my behalf i just prodded her on the shoulder. My wife saw this and it opened up a whole world of hurt for her, and it created and turned into a huge argument.

I feel like our marriage is almost at breaking point and i would love some advise on what to do to try and save it.

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