i'm confused

by Adedayo
(Lagos Nigeria)

pls i need your help, am so confused. alright now ,there is this gir,l we are been dating since 2012 and everything seemed to be fine with us but not until 2015 when i caught her with another guy my old friend! but she never knew i'm friend to that guy. When i confront her she told me the truth and she begs me for forgiveness and promise never to happen again , but i still love her so much and i forgive her with all my heart forgive and forget everything moving fine again .

in 2016 6 month later she fail me again with another person. i asked her but she denial been having affair with this person! but the guy comes to me and explains everything between them, and he told me that they are been dating since 2014. and that is really hard on me, but the guy promise to walk out from her.

she beg me again and swear never to do it again, but i still love her and i forgive but i never forget. since than i pick up fight with her easily when i saw her with guy either chatting or walking around with then, and i feel like a beast. she is getting tired of my attitude. right now she keep telling me to forget about the past, that she love me so much now.

she do prove her love most time but am finding it difficult to trust her right now, but i don't want to lose her because i love her so much. our parents have approve us to getting married.

pls am confused right now. i need your help plss .

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