Im in this marriage alone

by Lisa
(Rhode island )

Im 47 yr old female. 2nd marriage just over 3 yrs, and i find myself absolutely alone in my marriage, i love my husband very much but im not sure if im still in love with him.

He is emotionally shut down. There is no intimacy, affection, holding hands,kissing, hugging, none of it. The only time we spend together is at dinner for 20 minutes or so, but really do not communicate, and then he goes to his office. He doesn't come to bed till im asleep, And sometimes he doesn't even come to bed. I do love him but i need affection, a partner, a lover, etc....

I do not know how to get him to see that its only a matter of time till i throw in the towel, As we have had conversations about our lack of intimacy, and nothing changes its gotten worse. And he refuses to go to counseling.

Is there anyone else with the same issues? And what did you do?

Lost and lonely

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