Impartial advice

by Anonymous

Need impartial advice. Married 4 years together 9. Two step-kids 13 and 16 live with us full time and one kid together.

Some issues are: Kids - even after 9 years he's still overprotective and they're only our kids when suits him even though i do everything. but I'm not allowed to yell then it's his kids, their mother pays nothing

Compatible- we have very different interests and ways of being and doing things, and there is just no compromise to do anything i like if it doesn't suit him

Family - i am very family orientated and he just won't integrate with my family how ever hard they try to include him

Overall we live very comfortably, no huge arguments, he loves me but just very mundane. no fun no effort really to plan or do anything special

I am thinking of a separation. i want to laugh and have someone who compromises and maybe is more like me. i feel life is passing me by but i think am i being silly. is that unrealistic and should I stay where it's just comfortable?

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