Is it a crush?? Does he like me?? What do I do??

by Jackie Moralez
(California )

(Alex) is a friend of mine since 7th grade. He is shy, quite, smart, independent, has a lot of potential, not really social with school and loves soccer. Anyways, we were close somewhat, once we came to high school we kind of drifted apart because I did not have him for any classes and we rarely saw each other. He used to come to me all the time and ask about the class I had and what we did. It was every single time, I did not notice. It suddenly stopped but I was not much in notice.

So now 4 weeks of school left he recently has talked to me. I have gotten a bit close. He stands next to me when we walk, and when he grabs my hand but it is like a hand shake greet. We talk about random stuff. About a week ago we took the SAT. I needed a ride home, and my other friend could not take me. So he suddenly offered to take me, I took up on the offer. When our ride was here, both of his parents were there, the ride home was silent between us but the parents were talking. I do not understand, we were just talking random then his parents come and we do not talk at all.

The following Monday I asked him if he is going to homecoming or prom. He said yea it is my last year. I asked him who are you going with? Friends? He replied with yea, if I have any. I offered him to come with me and my friends he knew, he is like yeah...
We parted ways home.

That week I did not see him much cause of finals, but the last day of school. I saw him, I was hugging my Best Friend, we met eyes and he did not say anything to me, since then I have not seen him because school is over. Though up to this day he is looking through my posts on Instagram, which is really confusing me... But I do not know lately it has been a lot for me.

I have been thinking about him lately, I have been trying for it to stop and go to the past but now since we have been a little bit closer it is going crazy again. 2 days ago I had a dream about him, it was very clear. But Idk what to think, I am going crazy. People say I should go for it but I am scared for rejection or the friendship.

How do I talk to him without making it seem annoying or noticeable. For example, 2 days before school was over, during passing period. I saw him and I knew he was going to ask me what we did for 4th period, I knew what I was going to say. But I literary blanked out when he was in front of me. I was trying to find out the words but nothing came out, so my friend that was with me helped me out. But I am still lost confused??

Please someone help me and tell me what is going on. It would really help, should I proceed anything or... I do not even know what the thing is. Please, advice...

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