Is it me?

by Anonymous

To try and be fair and quick, I left my job to start a family with my husband. I attempted to work from home but found it increasingly difficult so I began working throughout the night (web design).

Once the second child came along I couldn't do it anymore and we now live off my husbands wage. Its not enough money, covers the bills but no savings, it causes him to be stressed all the time! I have offered to get a night job but my husband insists I persevere with the business. We cant justify me working multimedia due to childcare costs so I'm a stay at home mum who occasionally gets work in. This is now 2 years.

Meanwhile, we don't have any intimacy. I feel if I turn to him with anything he talks down to me, he's rude and I get no help with the kids or housework. I'm lonely and can't communicate with him ....he's always right! I don't know what to do now... is it time for a counselor or should I just "make it work" with my business and deal with the tiredness?

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