by Kes

Hi I have been married for over 40 years. My Husband is retired whilst I work 2 days a week to top up my company pension and look after my grandchild once a week. My Husband has his company pension which is his to use as he sees fit. He does not contribute to the Household bills.

I was happy with that so long as he helped with the housework. He has a hobby which spans April to September and me and that Friday evening and most of Saturday is taken up with it. My gripe is he chooses to go to the pub Sunday lunchtime despite me asking for this day to be ours. He cannot see what the problem is.

I feel if he cannot put my needs in front of his own wants just once a week I am resentful he is having a free ride with the bills. I feel so lonely and question what I am getting out of the relationship. I am being unreasonable?

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